Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, 1920s

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Kay Francis, William Powell, Carole Lombard
Ladies’ Man 1931

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Buster Keaton, 1923

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All I want to do is express myself on here, but it becomes increasingly apparent that I just can’t do that. A voice that doesn’t pander to the dominant, overbearing voices in the fandom just can’t be tolerated, apparently. I’m mostly disappointed that the hate I keep getting is just sucking the life from this website for me and I don’t have the energy for it. I can’t constantly be defending myself. It’s sad and pathetic that so many people have such a strong need to single me out and pick me apart. I am being bullied at this point.

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New York. Oscar Hammerstein’s Republic Theater, 42nd St, 1900. 2 years later, David Belasco would gut the interior to create his Belasco Theater. The theater still exists, after being renamed Republic once again in 1910, when Belasco opened his newly built Belasco theater on 44th St, , and ultimately its current name, The New Victory, in 1942.

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Clara Bow in Wings, 1927


Jeanette MacDonald with her cat, Pussums, 1932.

She was an American actress & singer in famous 1930’s musical films. She was one of the most influencial sopranos of her time, introducing opera to movie-going audiences & inspiring a generation of singers.

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Jeanette MacDonald

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the amount of harassment i suffered last night was ridiculous. enough is enough. i am no longer answering to anything i perceive as hateful or not worth my time. thank you to those who support me. 

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