Buster Keaton drops in, The Navigator, 1924

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I bet she did contact her sister’s boyfriend and he just laughed at her like “what do you want me to do about it?????”

as did tumblr when she emailed them lmao they dont give a shit immmm

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Alice White, photo by Russell Ball

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somebody made a hate blog about you? lol people are so pathetic

yes omfgggggg she tried to imply that i am an actual criminal it was so intense. here’s one example lmao

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The hate blog about me deleted lmaooooo guess I’m not going to jail

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Cambridge-era portraits by Cecil Beaton— 1922, 1923, and 1924

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I can’t believe me and Saskia will be able to reenact orange is the new black when we get sent to jail tomorrow

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Irene Dunne by George Hurrell, 1931

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woah what why are you going to jail?


Public urination

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