Mary Pickford in The Poor Little Rich Girl, 1917


Olive Thomas at a baseball game in New York, 1916


Harold Lloyd is embarrassed when he realises that he is only wearing his undergarments in The Marathon, 1919

Photographed by Bob Adelman.

(Source: missediesedgwick)

Doris Day & Kitty Kallen in Central Park, 1947

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these children who are so determined to say that every actor in classic hollywood was a heterostraight are so ridiculous

not only is this showing the insecurity and the fragility of the heterosexuals but it’s like they’re freaking out because you KNOW they don’t like that all the hot babes were actually one of us. 

and it’s kind of creepy when you think that they’re also probably mad that these DEAD actors who are DEAD wouldn’t be *available* to them to fulfill their time traveling fantasies. 

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I’ve never personally seen him with 3 dicks in his mouth and he doesn’t exude my homophobic depiction of what I think gay men are like :) :) all men I love are straight :) :) :) but i’m totally not homophobic I love gay people

same! i havent even seen him with 2 dicks in his mouth! so there’s proof

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you know who we can be totally sure was 100% straight? literally no one ever in the history of the world. get over yourselves. 

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saaaame, he’s my fave hetero manly man!! :) :) :)

my fav thing about him is that i am 100% sure he never had a Gay Thought Ever because i personally find him appealing :) 

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