Douglas Fairbanks Jr. by Ernest Bachrach

Thomas Lawrence, Queen Charlotte (detail) 1789 (x)

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Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in The Rage of Paris (1938)

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sooo today i witnessed my professor leaving the university via a chauffeured limousine. there was a second chauffeured limo driving just ahead of the one he got in. i have a theory that he is some sort of top secret government consultant  

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Emil Otto Hoppé: Ms. Ann Hayes, England, 1934

At night Nosferatu digs his claws into his victims and suckles himself on the hellish elixir of their bloode. Beware that his shadow does not engulf you like a daemonic nightmare.

Greta Schröder reads a horror story in Nosferatu, 1922

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Nosferatu, 1922

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Paris ,1932, Greta Garbo Poster

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I must go to him. He’s coming!!

Nosferatu, 1922

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